Become an Overnight Millionaire With Lotto 6/49!

Background of 6/49 Lottery

Lotto 6/49 altered how lottery is played in Canada. When Lotto 6/49 started on 12 June 1982, it was the initial national lottery in the state.

Interprovincial Lottery Corporation, which is part of five regional lottery companies catering to the entire state, presented it. Lottery Corporation submits a particular percentage in ticket sales, for the development of the country.

Playing Lotto 6/49

Players should select 6 figures in a grid that consist of numbers between 1 and 49. In case your 6 figures match, you shall be the jackpot’s fortunate winner.

For second prize, you need to have 5 numbers that match, as well as the Bonus Ball, that is also helpful for the second prize. The drawing for 6/49 takes place in Canada through Interprovincial Lottery Company.

Seven levels of prizes exist and the quantity of earnings is different depending on number combinations as well as Bonus Ball number that you guess. In regard to statistics, 1 in every 32 tickets provides a winning ticket.

Main Draw of 6/49

  • Each Wednesday and Saturday, a drawing of six numbers is done from 1-49 together with a Bonus number, utilized for a couple of prize categories.
  • To win the Lotto 6/49 or share it you should match each of the six Lotto 6/49 Regular Selection figures to the six drawn numbers.

Guaranteed Prize Draw of $1 Million

  • Each Wednesday and Saturday, a drawing of one winning Guaranteed Draw Selection will be carried out randomly from among each of the selections for Guaranteed Prize Draw provided for that draw.
  • Match your selection of 10-digit precisely to the drawn selection; this might make you the next millionaire!
  • Four numbers are drawn each Wednesday and Saturday, from 1-99.
  • In case your response is ‘Yes’ to the extra, the term ‘YES’ is displayed alongside the Extra figures on your ticket, making your figures eligible for the draw.
  • If your response is ‘No’ to the Extra, the term ‘NO’ is displayed alongside the Extra figures on your tickets; your numbers are not eligible for the draw.
  • To become a winner of the top prize of $500,000, your figures should be eligible for the draw and you should match each of the four Extra numbers you have, to the drawn numbers.
Purchasing 6/49 Tickets Online

The digital age has seen the development of Lotto and in recent years, has ventured into the online platform. So that you are able to play Lotto 6/49 online, you just need to select a website which sells the tickets. You can then simply pick your figures, without filling out an ancient piece of paper.

Lotto 6/49 provides an appealing variety of Lotto, as the prospects of winning cash are a lot huger. There are varied options for you to select from, where draws occur on varied days in the course of the week.

If you choose to play each of the draws, you are going to have more than one opportunity to win an amount of cash.

Using an online ticket, you have three varied kinds of draws you can choose:

Regular Jackpot

This begins at $5 million each week. For this jackpot to be won 6 figures are drawn and the numbers you have selected should match them.

Guaranteed $1 Million Draw

This jackpot is a latest inclusion to Lotto 6/49, which you sign up for when buying your standard jackpot ticket. After choosing your six figures, an extra automated 10-digit figure will be displayed in the part indicated ‘Guaranteed Prize Draw.’ If you match the number drawn with your 10-digit figure, you win $1 million!

Extra Draw

When purchasing your standard jackpot ticket, you can opt to participate in the extra draw. Here, you can to select four figures and obviously, they need to match the 4 drawn numbers. You can win up to $500,000.

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