Interesting News about Swiss Lotto

What is Swiss Lotto? 

The Swiss Lotto is a lottery[] game that is played twice a week. Even though it is based in Switzerland, everyone has access to it. You just need to obtain some tickets online. This lottery game was set up in 1937 and the lottery does not just fund prizes but charitable projects also.

Recently, set another jackpot record was set, which has motivated a lot of people to give it a shot. Switzerland is popular for its business and political centres as well as superior quality watches.

However, it is very famous also, for its mean lottery game! 

Playing Swiss Lotto

To enable you to play this game, it will be necessary for you to look for a reliable outlet. Games are played on Wednesday and Saturday night; therefore, make sure that you obtain your tickets prior to the cut-off period.

This presents another rollover lottery and you should therefore endeavor to find out the running total before buying your ticket. A set of panels will be provided to players and the number of lines you want to bet determines this. You shall also note a section that is highlighted at the bottom, which has the figures 1-6.

Players are requested to select six figures from every panel, together with a highlighted number. The part that is highlighted signifies the bonus ball.

So as to be a winner of that very significant, coveted jackpot, it will be necessary for you to match each of the 6 key numbers and the extra bonus ball. This might be a difficult requirement, but people have managed to do it.

Payouts for Swiss Lotto 

The creation of Swiss Lotto was for Switzerland and Ticino German-speaking cantons. Cantons in Switzerland are the same as USA states. Each of them represents an individual member of Swiss Confederation

Funds are raised by Swiss Lotto to assist in developing sports in the above-listed cantons. Therefore, it is a lottery that is highly charitable. Through the Toto Society, it funds sports in 20 varied cantons. 

Where payouts are concerned, jackpots begin at 1.5 million Swiss Francs in this game.  In case it remains unclaimed, it rolls over to the following draw.

As the two games are played each week, this offers a huge capability for the jackpot to go up to amazing heights. In 2014, the overall jackpot claimed was an amazing 47.8 million CHF. 

Other than the jackpot, 7 other prizes are available. When you land 6 figures, without a bonus ball, you can still anticipate making great profits in this lottery. 

Each time you land balls exceeding 3, prizes are won. If you add the bonus ball together with the symbols which that you have matched, this will make your total even higher

Even if you are not a cash prize winner, some nice Swiss lotto tips are advertised by the game. You are able to win these together with another opportunity to play when you land the matching replay figure. 


The Swiss Lotto financially sponsors some great sporting ventures in Switzerland. Therefore, this is a wonderful option for any person who desires to play a lottery that is involved in charity. The prize falls in the middle range for lotteries; but as there are very many prizes present, this game presents good odds.