Irish Lotto Latest Results

The Irish Lotto results( were announced and displayed on 13th May 2017. The draw had a jackpot worth €2,560,484. There were over 34,000 winners on the last draw because many people were looking forward to win the hefty jackpot. There was no jackpot winner, and as the rule commands, the jackpot should be much higher in the next draw. People are looking for Irish Lotto statistics to come up with strategies that will let them win the jackpot. But let us look at division after division and see how the results were and the number of people who won. The winning numbers were 14, 16, 33, 39, 43, 47 and a bonus number of 19.

Division One to Four

In division one, winners were supposed to match six numbers for them to win the ultimate jackpot. Unfortunately, no one managed to match the six numbers, so there was no jackpot winner. Division two prizes are normally given out to those who match five numbers plus the bonus. There were two winners in this category, and each of them got €32,602. Division three slots are for those who matched five numbers without a bonus number. They were 20 in number in the last draw, and they were all given €1,955. Division four is for those who matched four numbers with a bonus on top. They were 49 people in the last draw, and they were given €201. For those who were in these divisions, they are now smiling happily somewhere because their one dollar investment gave them something good to smile about.

Division Five to Eight

Division five is for those who matched only five numbers of the Irish Lotto Result numbers. They were 985, and they were each awarded €65. Division 6 is meant for those who match three numbers but with a bonus on top of it. There were 1,461 winners and they each awarded €29. Those who matched three numbers only were categorised as division seven, and they were 17,465 winners in total. They were all given €11 each. The last division, division eight was for those who matched 2 numbers plus a bonus on top. They were all given €3 Scratch Card each.

Looking at these winnings, it is clear that there is a high chance of winning a prize any time you play. Numbers occur automatically, so there is no biasness like many people usually complains. Go to your nearest Irish Lotto retailer and buy your ticket, you could be the next tycoon in town.

Lottery is a game of chance, but you can still strategize and win big amounts every week. The Irish Lotto( statistics reveal the numbers that occur most frequently and those that do not occur frequently. You can, therefore, analyse the numbers and ensure that you select the ones that have a high probability of occurring in the next draw. There is no ultimate strategy or trick that people can use to accurately predict the winning numbers of any particular although when you select appropriately, you increase your Irish Lotto winning chances. Playing group games is another great way to improve your chances. It is so simple and yet it is more effective than it is simple. Pool your resources together and split the jackpot prize between you.