US Powerball Overview

The US Powerball is the lottery that even the person who doesn’t play the lottery knows – its name has been cemented amongst the lottery gods. Here we review the US Powerball as a whole, touching on the aspects of this great lottery.

US Powerball History

The lotto that we all know today had its first drawing in April 1992. Since this day, the US Powerball has been out on its own as the lottery to play if you want big jackpots, bigger jackpots and even bigger jackpots! The US Powerball was the first multi-state lottery of its kind, with the number of participating states growing and growing to the current figure of 44. As a domestic lottery, the Powerball is unique in its scope and range. Somewhere around 40-70% of Americans play the lottery (depending which source you want to take on face value), most of these people live in the 44 participating Powerball states meaning that anywhere from 100 – 200 million people could be playing one lottery, and that’s just domestic ticket sales. The Powerball has gained a new popularity of its own in the online lotto sphere in recent years, spearheading the charge of attractive draws for foreign players.

The draw really gained notoriety and attention when the jackpot passed the billion-dollar marker for the first time in its history in 2016. This feat propelled the Powerball into the stratosphere of lottery games out on its own. The jackpot kept rising until some lucky winners matched all the numbers and split between a prize fund in the region of $1.59 billion! Wow.

US Powerball Game Features

The features and structures of the Powerball are not exceptional – the only thing exceptional about the Powerball is the sheer size of the thing. A standard 6/49 lottery game with a bonus ball (powerball) that if matched will return the players initial stake. There is nothing that we can see about the actualfeatures of the draw that set it apart from its competition, it’s the old adage that first to the market is the most important – what you are selling and how is second.

It’s not that there is anything wrong with the Powerball, on the contrary, it’s a fantastic lottery, but when you dig down to the bones of the behemoth, it’s a 6/49 lottery draw with a bonus ball & 2 draws a week. Oh, and the minimum jackpot is $40,000,000!

Things we like

The $40 million minimum jackpot is the best thing about the Powerball. That is not to say that others thing around the draw we don’t like, but the thing we like the most is the money. The minimum jackpot in this lottery is bigger than many of the record jackpots in other lotteries! Even a lottery draw such as the Italian national lottery, the Superenalotto, with a rich history and three draws a week, feels like a small-town operation when compared with the Powerball. The minimum jackpot is the reason people come back to play.

Added to the minimum jackpot the rollover aspect of this draw and it doesn’t take a genius to work out how quickly this jackpot figure can grow. (at the time of writing the US Powerball jackpot stands at $165 million).

Things we don’t like

This is a difficult one. It’s not that there are things that we don’t like about the Powerball, but there are areas where we think it could be improved. The facts on the ground are that the Powerball is a hugely successful lottery game (most successful ever?) and so expecting changes to happen is naïve, but well say two of them anyway:

  • We wish that there were more draws. I get why the 2x per week lottery works, adding an additional day, akin to the Superenalotto, would freshen up this draw and increase the fun, why not?!
  • Too Rigid: make the game more fluid. There was an attempt with this in the beginning with the concept of the ‘powerball’, but this feature is now stale/not exciting. Why not add in a feature, like with the UK49’s(click here for more info), where players can play with more than there $2 bet and receive bonus odds.


The US Powerball is a great lottery. The only lottery in the world where you can expect a 9 figure jackpot on a regular basis and the only lottery in the world where you are not surprised with a 10 figure jackpot up for grabs. The lottery itself is a fairly simple, straightforward draw that is enjoyable and fun to play. We have been playing the Powerball for over 7 years and despite never winning more than a couple hundred dollars, it’s a lottery we intend to keep on playing, even if just for the fact that those jackpots are So. Damn. Big.



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