Lottosend lottery: Lotto Send Complaints and Reviews

LottoSend Is one of those services that allow you to purchase a lottery ticket online and it does a very good job at that. The service does not have any negative complaints at all. Maybe the best thing about using such a service is that it eliminates the need to go to the local lottery shop and get a ticket. But at the same time, you will find that the experience is a lot more distinct and interesting, which is exactly what matters the most. The focus here is on bringing in front some of the best ways to eliminate the travel.

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Plus, LottoSend does a very good job when it comes to letting you play on lotteries from other countries. They cover lotteries like Mega Millions, EuroMillions, Superlotto Plus, El Gordo, Powerball and many others. The idea is to make it a whole lot easier for people to purchase a lottery ticket, without having them go through the hassle of travelling or asking other people to get it from them.

Lottosend Pages:

Lottosend Scanned tickets

The best thing about LottoSend is that they actually send you a scan of the ticket that you purchased. Some lottery sites like this don’t offer that at all. Obviously, this increases your overall security and it makes the experience a whole lot better than what you were expecting. It’s clear that there is no LottoSend scam, the service is legit and it brings in front a great way of playing the lottery game that you always wanted without a lot of effort. The Lotto Send winners that got at least $100000 can easily show just how reliable the site is. There are no Lotto Send complaints, mainly because the system is created to run very well and if there are any issues, the support team is here to help you regardless of what happens.

You can also become a part of dedicated group plays. These are great because you get to have a minimum guaranteed winning amount and something like this is just a whole lot of fun for you. Yes, there will be a few challenges along the way, but as a whole the LottoSend experience is legit, professional and certainly one of the better ways to play the lottery in the online world.

Lottosend lotto games online
Lottosend lotto games online

The system they implemented works great and it also looks great too. It does a very good job when it comes to giving you a scan of the ticket pretty fast. It’s a delightful way to play the lottery and it actually works better than expected.

How about winnings?

LottoSend does a very good job when it comes to helping you with the wins as well. You have to make sure that you come in person to get the jackpots, and that’s exactly what you need in here. However, the best part here is that LottoSend doesn’t take any cut from what you win. This really makes the entire experience a lot more rewarding, and in the end it’s definitely going to come in handy because of that. Also, you can withdraw solely to bank accounts. It’s a bit of a bummer to be honest, but then again we are dealing with large sums here. Still, being able to get a credit card payment would be a whole lot better, but then again it’s good that you can use bank account payments as well.

Customer service

LottoSend’s approach to customer service is very good and they are quite impressive in this regard. Some consider the best way to contact them would be via live chat. But there are many other methods you can use, depending on the situation. The idea here is that you want to use this system in order to make the experience more rewarding and interesting in the end. The LottoSend experience is great even if you go and ask for help via phone. During my LottoSend reviews, I tried a variety of calls and live chat questions, and they did reply pretty fast. It goes to show that the team as a whole is very responsive and reliable, exactly what you need to have from this sort of thing.

Website experience

The LottoSend website is very well done. It looks great and it gives access to just about all the features that you may need. The attention to detail delivered here is huge, and they did a very good job when it comes to offering you a delightful and unique way of playing any lottery game you want. There are tons of people that like the LottoSend lottery website, and it’s easy to see why, because it looks great, it’s functional and it delivers a tremendous attention to detail.

They also have a secure payments system and encryption which allows you to avoid any type of worries in no time. Yes, it really is among some of the best systems out there, and it is worth your time because of that reason alone. The Multilanguage support is great too, and the site is also known for the numerous promotions.

You can get up to 20% off on tickets and sometimes even more. That’s definitely a wonderful experience and the fact that you can actually win some amazing prizes while using the Lotto Send system from home is a wonderful thing.

Lottosend lottery comparisons
Lottosend lottery comparisons

Pros and cons

As a whole, I believe that LottoSend does a very good job with the entire experience. Sure, the user account page could be more comprehensive and some games do leave a bit to be desired, but there are some great upsides too. The support team is very good, you have up to $30 as a welcome discount bonus, you have group plays with guaranteed wins as well as a plethora of ways you can deposit online. It really is amazing and it can provide you with a great set of options for sure.

You will note that LottoSend reviews are mostly positive, and that’s because LottoSend is indeed a very good and reliable website. There is no Lotto Send scam, so no worries. They are legit and very professional!

Interesting News about Swiss Lotto

What is Swiss Lotto? 

The Swiss Lotto is a lottery[] game that is played twice a week. Even though it is based in Switzerland, everyone has access to it. You just need to obtain some tickets online. This lottery game was set up in 1937 and the lottery does not just fund prizes but charitable projects also.

Recently, set another jackpot record was set, which has motivated a lot of people to give it a shot. Switzerland is popular for its business and political centres as well as superior quality watches.

However, it is very famous also, for its mean lottery game! 

Playing Swiss Lotto

To enable you to play this game, it will be necessary for you to look for a reliable outlet. Games are played on Wednesday and Saturday night; therefore, make sure that you obtain your tickets prior to the cut-off period.

This presents another rollover lottery and you should therefore endeavor to find out the running total before buying your ticket. A set of panels will be provided to players and the number of lines you want to bet determines this. You shall also note a section that is highlighted at the bottom, which has the figures 1-6.

Players are requested to select six figures from every panel, together with a highlighted number. The part that is highlighted signifies the bonus ball.

So as to be a winner of that very significant, coveted jackpot, it will be necessary for you to match each of the 6 key numbers and the extra bonus ball. This might be a difficult requirement, but people have managed to do it.

Payouts for Swiss Lotto 

The creation of Swiss Lotto was for Switzerland and Ticino German-speaking cantons. Cantons in Switzerland are the same as USA states. Each of them represents an individual member of Swiss Confederation

Funds are raised by Swiss Lotto to assist in developing sports in the above-listed cantons. Therefore, it is a lottery that is highly charitable. Through the Toto Society, it funds sports in 20 varied cantons. 

Where payouts are concerned, jackpots begin at 1.5 million Swiss Francs in this game.  In case it remains unclaimed, it rolls over to the following draw.

As the two games are played each week, this offers a huge capability for the jackpot to go up to amazing heights. In 2014, the overall jackpot claimed was an amazing 47.8 million CHF. 

Other than the jackpot, 7 other prizes are available. When you land 6 figures, without a bonus ball, you can still anticipate making great profits in this lottery. 

Each time you land balls exceeding 3, prizes are won. If you add the bonus ball together with the symbols which that you have matched, this will make your total even higher

Even if you are not a cash prize winner, some nice Swiss lotto tips are advertised by the game. You are able to win these together with another opportunity to play when you land the matching replay figure. 


The Swiss Lotto financially sponsors some great sporting ventures in Switzerland. Therefore, this is a wonderful option for any person who desires to play a lottery that is involved in charity. The prize falls in the middle range for lotteries; but as there are very many prizes present, this game presents good odds.

Become an Overnight Millionaire With Lotto 6/49!

Background of 6/49 Lottery

Lotto 6/49 altered how lottery is played in Canada. When Lotto 6/49 started on 12 June 1982, it was the initial national lottery in the state.

Interprovincial Lottery Corporation, which is part of five regional lottery companies catering to the entire state, presented it. Lottery Corporation submits a particular percentage in ticket sales, for the development of the country.

Playing Lotto 6/49

Players should select 6 figures in a grid that consist of numbers between 1 and 49. In case your 6 figures match, you shall be the jackpot’s fortunate winner.

For second prize, you need to have 5 numbers that match, as well as the Bonus Ball, that is also helpful for the second prize. The drawing for 6/49 takes place in Canada through Interprovincial Lottery Company.

Seven levels of prizes exist and the quantity of earnings is different depending on number combinations as well as Bonus Ball number that you guess. In regard to statistics, 1 in every 32 tickets provides a winning ticket.

Main Draw of 6/49

  • Each Wednesday and Saturday, a drawing of six numbers is done from 1-49 together with a Bonus number, utilized for a couple of prize categories.
  • To win the Lotto 6/49 or share it you should match each of the six Lotto 6/49 Regular Selection figures to the six drawn numbers.

Guaranteed Prize Draw of $1 Million

  • Each Wednesday and Saturday, a drawing of one winning Guaranteed Draw Selection will be carried out randomly from among each of the selections for Guaranteed Prize Draw provided for that draw.
  • Match your selection of 10-digit precisely to the drawn selection; this might make you the next millionaire!
  • Four numbers are drawn each Wednesday and Saturday, from 1-99.
  • In case your response is ‘Yes’ to the extra, the term ‘YES’ is displayed alongside the Extra figures on your ticket, making your figures eligible for the draw.
  • If your response is ‘No’ to the Extra, the term ‘NO’ is displayed alongside the Extra figures on your tickets; your numbers are not eligible for the draw.
  • To become a winner of the top prize of $500,000, your figures should be eligible for the draw and you should match each of the four Extra numbers you have, to the drawn numbers.
Purchasing 6/49 Tickets Online

The digital age has seen the development of Lotto and in recent years, has ventured into the online platform. So that you are able to play Lotto 6/49 online, you just need to select a website which sells the tickets. You can then simply pick your figures, without filling out an ancient piece of paper.

Lotto 6/49 provides an appealing variety of Lotto, as the prospects of winning cash are a lot huger. There are varied options for you to select from, where draws occur on varied days in the course of the week.

If you choose to play each of the draws, you are going to have more than one opportunity to win an amount of cash.

Using an online ticket, you have three varied kinds of draws you can choose:

Regular Jackpot

This begins at $5 million each week. For this jackpot to be won 6 figures are drawn and the numbers you have selected should match them.

Guaranteed $1 Million Draw

This jackpot is a latest inclusion to Lotto 6/49, which you sign up for when buying your standard jackpot ticket. After choosing your six figures, an extra automated 10-digit figure will be displayed in the part indicated ‘Guaranteed Prize Draw.’ If you match the number drawn with your 10-digit figure, you win $1 million!

Extra Draw

When purchasing your standard jackpot ticket, you can opt to participate in the extra draw. Here, you can to select four figures and obviously, they need to match the 4 drawn numbers. You can win up to $500,000.

More Canadian Lotteries Information At Lottolore

Irish Lotto Latest Results

The Irish Lotto results( were announced and displayed on 13th May 2017. The draw had a jackpot worth €2,560,484. There were over 34,000 winners on the last draw because many people were looking forward to win the hefty jackpot. There was no jackpot winner, and as the rule commands, the jackpot should be much higher in the next draw. People are looking for Irish Lotto statistics to come up with strategies that will let them win the jackpot. But let us look at division after division and see how the results were and the number of people who won. The winning numbers were 14, 16, 33, 39, 43, 47 and a bonus number of 19.

Division One to Four

In division one, winners were supposed to match six numbers for them to win the ultimate jackpot. Unfortunately, no one managed to match the six numbers, so there was no jackpot winner. Division two prizes are normally given out to those who match five numbers plus the bonus. There were two winners in this category, and each of them got €32,602. Division three slots are for those who matched five numbers without a bonus number. They were 20 in number in the last draw, and they were all given €1,955. Division four is for those who matched four numbers with a bonus on top. They were 49 people in the last draw, and they were given €201. For those who were in these divisions, they are now smiling happily somewhere because their one dollar investment gave them something good to smile about.

Division Five to Eight

Division five is for those who matched only five numbers of the Irish Lotto Result numbers. They were 985, and they were each awarded €65. Division 6 is meant for those who match three numbers but with a bonus on top of it. There were 1,461 winners and they each awarded €29. Those who matched three numbers only were categorised as division seven, and they were 17,465 winners in total. They were all given €11 each. The last division, division eight was for those who matched 2 numbers plus a bonus on top. They were all given €3 Scratch Card each.

Looking at these winnings, it is clear that there is a high chance of winning a prize any time you play. Numbers occur automatically, so there is no biasness like many people usually complains. Go to your nearest Irish Lotto retailer and buy your ticket, you could be the next tycoon in town.

Lottery is a game of chance, but you can still strategize and win big amounts every week. The Irish Lotto( statistics reveal the numbers that occur most frequently and those that do not occur frequently. You can, therefore, analyse the numbers and ensure that you select the ones that have a high probability of occurring in the next draw. There is no ultimate strategy or trick that people can use to accurately predict the winning numbers of any particular although when you select appropriately, you increase your Irish Lotto winning chances. Playing group games is another great way to improve your chances. It is so simple and yet it is more effective than it is simple. Pool your resources together and split the jackpot prize between you.

Lottario Progressive Jackpot

Any lottery needs a constant system that participants understand. However, once in a while, it is important to make participating more attractive by raising the stakes or even making it easier to win the jackpot. Lottario has learnt the need to make stakes more attractive over the years. It is the biggest lottery in Ontario and has been around since 1978. It has improved over time and took a turn in 2015 for a progressive jackpot and better odds, making it even more attractive to lottery lovers. The progressive jackpot also means that there are more prizes to be won.

Other Lottario Winning Enhancements

In addition to a growing jackpot, there were other enhancements that were added to the game. These include:

  • Extended options when it comes to advance play. The options now stand at 26 draws, a level up from the previous ten
  • A $30 prize for matching the bonus number in addition to four numbers
  • A $5 prize for matching the bonus number in addition to three numbers
  • Better odds of winning which went up from one in 20.89 to one in 5.8
  • A free play prize for matching the bonus number

The Second Largest Lottario Jackpot

With these improvements to the game, the second largest Lottario jackpot was recorded in March 2017 at $3,280,725.40, two years after the jackpot started growing bigger. The winning ticket was bought in Peterborough and had the Lottario winning numbers 7, 8, 11, 15, 22 and 24. The early bird numbers were 15, 32, 42 and 45 while the bonus number was 10. This jackpot is the second largest since Lottario started in 1978 and only comes after the 1992 jackpot that stood at $3.6 million. These Lottario results came as welcome news to whoever bought the ticket as they were now millionaires.

Terms of Collecting Lottario Winning

Whenever an individual wins the jackpot, they have to claim the winning before six months are over. With the growing jackpot, people have better chances of winning. Additionally, they also have a lot to lose if they do not collect their money within the stipulated time. The challenge comes in because many people tend to forget that they bought tickets. Some even lose these tickets. When there is more money on the line, people who have these tendencies have a lot to lose as well. In addition to the time period within which you can collect the Lottario Winning, you also need to visit Lottario headquarters to get your winnings if they are above the predetermined figure. Those who get these winnings also have their names published for public records.

Lottario results are announced often so that people have higher chances of winning and more prizes to win. It is easy to participate in the game, and it does not cost a lot of money. That is a large part of what makes Lottario so attractive.  Since the game included the progressive jackpot, it also attracts many more participants. Over recent years, it has been this progressive and dynamic feature of the lottery that has maintained freshness in the draw and kept the whole process an exciting one to both first time and established Lottario players.

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Lottario Wikipedia – Results and News

Best Tricks to Pick Superlotto Plus Winning Numbers

Are you in search of some truly effective tricks which will increase the odds in your favor while challenging your luck in the lottery? Superlotto Plus winners will tell you different stories as to how they have picked their own winning numbers. Should you follow their lead and do the same? Perhaps such a strategy works out for you, but it is highly unlikely for all people to share the same luck.

So how can you make sure that you enjoy the best chances of success in lottery?

Tips on Foreseeing Superlotto Plus Results

According to research, most people think about their birthdays or the dates of significant events in their lives. These are the numbers they use most frequently when challenging their luck. However, there are many tips that will maximize the chances that you have towards becoming one of the top Superlotto Plus winners out there!

First of all, one fine strategy that applies to those who play regularly is to stick to the same numbers. In doing so, you instantly increase the odds of getting the winning numbers eventually. Imagine how cruel it would be not to use the same numbers and find out that they were the lucky ones!

In addition, you can check out one of the best sellers amongst writers who have become masters in behavioral patterns. As a result, you will learn how to interpret the signs and make the most of your lottery guesses. What is more, you will understand the frequency of each number, and you will know when it is time for you to bet on it.

There is a thin line between overdue numbers and numbers that come up as winning lottery numbers. Superlotto Plus results offer you the chance to analyze both these types of numbers and form a strategy that appeals to you. Upon doing so, you will see that it is easier to pick the winning numbers than what you would have expected.

Should I Just Go for Luck?

Of course, luck is blind, and therefore you can win without breaking a sweat or caring much about statistics and tricks. But in the long run, the people who win in lotteries are those who have thought about their strategy. These are most Superlotto plus winners, who have seen their efforts, pay off in the best manner possible. Unlike the minority, most winners do not solely depend on luck.

So, whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, Superlotto Plus offers you the opportunity to study the past results and choose your tactic carefully. You need to remain calm and keep track of what you bet on each time. This will ultimately help you get the winning numbers and become one of the Superlotto Plus winners that everyone talks about and thinks highly of!

How to Participate in Oz Lotto

One of the most popular lotteries today is Oz Lotto which is Australian owned. It’s a process that is highly supervised by the government to ensure fairness. Once you purchase a ticket, it is automatically registered in a system under your name. If you are declared the winner, you will get your prize regardless of your nationality. Gamblers from across the globe can now play this lottery on the internet.

Flexibility in Playing the Oz Lotto

Since you can now play this lotto on the internet, it is possible for you to make payments using a credit card. There is no difference between internet players and those buying tickets from lotteries physically since the tickets are printed in Australia. The Oz Lotto will keep the ticket until a draw is conducted which happens several times a week.

Reliable System

Oz Lotto winners come from across the globe since it is available online. Using a reliable and organized system, anyone can win as long as they participate. It is a great way to increase your chances of increasing your wealth, it is fun and legitimate.

How Does One Join the Oz Lotto?

All you need is a reliable internet connection and a compatible device. By visiting the website, you create a free account and deposit 5 dollars which is for buying your very first Oz Lotto ticket. Once you buy the ticket, you should wait for the Oz Lotto results to see if you are the lucky winner.

What are the Benefits of Joining Oz Lotto?

There are a multitude of benefits that you gain by joining Oz Lotto. Besides having a chance of hitting the jackpot and having financial security for the rest of your life, there are other advantages: You have the convenience of buying your ticket at any time of the day or night from wherever you are; all the instructions are available on the website for ease of use, you choose your numbers without visiting a retailer, and you can make payments using your credit card. You have various withdrawal methods the moment that you become a winner and money is deposited in your account.

The Money Is Deposited to Your Account

Just because your ticket is printed in Australia and held by the lottery temporary if you are not in the country does not mean that you will not receive your money. The money is sent to your account which supports various withdrawal methods depending on what you prefer.

If you are in Australia and would like to increase your chances of becoming a millionaire, you should join the Oz Lotto. There are Oz Lotto winners from week to week, and you could be one of them. There are plenty of benefits you will enjoy when you register online. The secret of winning is familiarizing yourself with it and using every strategy that you learn. It gives people from all walks of life a chance to change their financial status.

For additional details, statistics and number generator click here.



US Powerball Overview

The US Powerball is the lottery that even the person who doesn’t play the lottery knows – its name has been cemented amongst the lottery gods. Here we review the US Powerball as a whole, touching on the aspects of this great lottery.

US Powerball History

The lotto that we all know today had its first drawing in April 1992. Since this day, the US Powerball has been out on its own as the lottery to play if you want big jackpots, bigger jackpots and even bigger jackpots! The US Powerball was the first multi-state lottery of its kind, with the number of participating states growing and growing to the current figure of 44. As a domestic lottery, the Powerball is unique in its scope and range. Somewhere around 40-70% of Americans play the lottery (depending which source you want to take on face value), most of these people live in the 44 participating Powerball states meaning that anywhere from 100 – 200 million people could be playing one lottery, and that’s just domestic ticket sales. The Powerball has gained a new popularity of its own in the online lotto sphere in recent years, spearheading the charge of attractive draws for foreign players.

The draw really gained notoriety and attention when the jackpot passed the billion-dollar marker for the first time in its history in 2016. This feat propelled the Powerball into the stratosphere of lottery games out on its own. The jackpot kept rising until some lucky winners matched all the numbers and split between a prize fund in the region of $1.59 billion! Wow.

US Powerball Game Features

The features and structures of the Powerball are not exceptional – the only thing exceptional about the Powerball is the sheer size of the thing. A standard 6/49 lottery game with a bonus ball (powerball) that if matched will return the players initial stake. There is nothing that we can see about the actualfeatures of the draw that set it apart from its competition, it’s the old adage that first to the market is the most important – what you are selling and how is second.

It’s not that there is anything wrong with the Powerball, on the contrary, it’s a fantastic lottery, but when you dig down to the bones of the behemoth, it’s a 6/49 lottery draw with a bonus ball & 2 draws a week. Oh, and the minimum jackpot is $40,000,000!

Things we like

The $40 million minimum jackpot is the best thing about the Powerball. That is not to say that others thing around the draw we don’t like, but the thing we like the most is the money. The minimum jackpot in this lottery is bigger than many of the record jackpots in other lotteries! Even a lottery draw such as the Italian national lottery, the Superenalotto, with a rich history and three draws a week, feels like a small-town operation when compared with the Powerball. The minimum jackpot is the reason people come back to play.

Added to the minimum jackpot the rollover aspect of this draw and it doesn’t take a genius to work out how quickly this jackpot figure can grow. (at the time of writing the US Powerball jackpot stands at $165 million).

Things we don’t like

This is a difficult one. It’s not that there are things that we don’t like about the Powerball, but there are areas where we think it could be improved. The facts on the ground are that the Powerball is a hugely successful lottery game (most successful ever?) and so expecting changes to happen is naïve, but well say two of them anyway:

  • We wish that there were more draws. I get why the 2x per week lottery works, adding an additional day, akin to the Superenalotto, would freshen up this draw and increase the fun, why not?!
  • Too Rigid: make the game more fluid. There was an attempt with this in the beginning with the concept of the ‘powerball’, but this feature is now stale/not exciting. Why not add in a feature, like with the UK49’s(click here for more info), where players can play with more than there $2 bet and receive bonus odds.


The US Powerball is a great lottery. The only lottery in the world where you can expect a 9 figure jackpot on a regular basis and the only lottery in the world where you are not surprised with a 10 figure jackpot up for grabs. The lottery itself is a fairly simple, straightforward draw that is enjoyable and fun to play. We have been playing the Powerball for over 7 years and despite never winning more than a couple hundred dollars, it’s a lottery we intend to keep on playing, even if just for the fact that those jackpots are So. Damn. Big.



There was only one thing missing from these Mega-millions Syndicate Winners

You’re only as lucky as you feel. This sentence has never been truer than in the following story,

Have you ever felt so unlucky that you decided to pass on a lottery group game syndication at work only to find out you had missed out on the mega-millions jackpot? Well that’s exactly what happened to this guy, you won’t believe the story of how this regular worker took a pass on one the biggest mega-millions jackpot wins in history:

He didn’t think Lady Luck was shining down on him — and now he’s missed out on millions.

A state IT employee who was a regular in his office lottery syndicate decided to take a pass on the mega-millions last month — only to learn that seven of his positive-thinking co-workers struck it rich on a $319 million Mega-millions jackpot.

Jill Cook, who with her husband Tom owns a restaurant in Albany where the lucky winners are lunchtime regulars said, “The word is that when they were going around the office asking who wanted in on the group game, one guy said no, that he wasn’t feeling lucky at the moment.”

“They even asked him again. They said, ‘Are you sure?’ and he said yes, he was going to pass on the gamble this time. I feel just awful for him,” Jill said.

The number of players in the group game changed from week to week, depending on jackpot amount and how organized the co-workers got to round up the colleagues that were interested. The identity of the mystery loser that was feeling unlucky — who could have won a $16 million after-tax share under the mega-millions lump-sum option — was as elusive as those of the big winners. We’re not surprised he hasn’t come forward to identify himself!

Cook said the staff from the state IT company came in for lunch most workdays — but haven’t been seen since beating the one-in-176-million odds in Friday’s Mega-millions drawing. Customers who know the winners told her they weren’t planning to return to their jobs — except to pass along unfinished business to colleagues. They don’t need to work again now their mega-million -aires.

Mr. Plastiras, who is a spokesman from the company in question, confirmed the workers did not come to work Monday but he couldn’t say if they showed up the next day. They had not formally resigned their positions, he added, but he wouldn’t be surprised if they did!

The winning workers have wanted to remain as anonymous as possible, but one surfaced long enough to stake a claim to the mega-millions prize, state lottery officials said yesterday.

“The ticket has been claimed, once we check & confirm the tickets authenticity we’ll choose a date, place and time for a check presentation,” said mega-millions lottery spokeswoman Carolyn Hapeman. Lottery officials said that once they verify the ticket and how many group game players are claiming a slice of the mega-millions pie, a news conference will be set up and the presentation will be made.

Most likely, Hapeman said, the winners are spending time with legal and financial advisors to tell them how best to deal with their new found uber wealth.

“99% of the people coming in winners do it that way these days, and $319 million is an unimaginable amount of money,” Hapeman said.


How to Play SuperLotto Plus

This is the California’s biggest game that has a jackpot of over 30 million dollars to be won. The game is played every Wednesday and Saturday. If you are among the lucky super lotto plus winners to win the jackpot, it might change your life for the better and forever. Although it is hard for people to win the Jackpot, there are thousands of winners on every draw like in the recent draw where there were 124,836 winners. You can even play the game with an aim of winning the small amounts on every draw so that you cumulatively win big amounts. Once the Superlotto plus results are in you are supposed to confirm your numbers on the local retailer to see if you have won something or not.

Find a Local Retailer

With over 22,000 local Super lotto plus, it should be easy for you to find the best local retailer. Find a retailer near you and pick your number slip. The retailers are normally located in coffee shops, restaurants or even at private places where it is normally easy to find them.

Select Your Numbers

On the Superlotto plus slip you should pick five numbers on the 1 to 47 numbers and then pick 1 bonus number from another set of numbers which are also from 1 to 27. You can also play random generated numbers with a program called the Quick pick. The slip can hold up to five plays, and you can play as many slips as you want as long as you have the stake. If you want to play the same numbers even for the future draws, you are supposed to mark the ‘’Advance play button’’. The retailers normally guide you if you are not too much used to this kind of betting.

Pay for the Number of Draws You Have Played

Once you are done, you should hand over your selections to the retailer. Every selection costs one dollar, and if you play multiple times, then you should know that the price is going to be more. Besides the major draw outcome, every selections gives you a chance to enter into the weekly draw where you can win major prizes and bonuses once the Superlotto plus results are announced. There is also a 2nd chance draw that a person enters when he or she purchases a ticket.

Wait for Your Big Win

After your ticket has been printed and handed over to you, the next step is to wait for the Superlotto plus results to be announced. Every year, the people of California witness Superlotto plus winners who normally pocket millions. If you miss the five numbers of the draw, you can still win prizes worth millions. Some people miss all numbers but still win the bonus number which makes them to win free tickets to continue playing the game. The results are announced every Wednesday and Saturday so people should confirm their selection before they go and claim their prizes. Winning Super lotto plus is not that easy, but with consecutive trials, you can win.